Safety Training Superheroes and Sketchnoting

Thank you so much to fellow “superhero of safety training” Linda Tapp (aka Safety FUNdamentals) for summarizing our ASSP Safety 2020 Virtual session into sketchnote format!

Check out her blog post with the sketchnote and process here. Make sure to sign up for her emails, she always has epic safety training info.

One of the thought-provoking and well-presented sessions at Safety 2020 Virtual included Danyle Hepler and Victor Toy discussing pandemic planning & systems thinking. Danyle used a white board to sketch things as part of her presentation. If you’re looking for a new safety training technique to level up your virtual and in person training, go to the drawing board, literally! Jo Pina also does a great job with using a white board and sketching and writing to enhance her safety communication. Check out her YouTube channel here.

If you’re still looking for more safety training tips, listen to the Superheroes of Safety Training from the second season of the Safety Justice League podcast.

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