September 9, 2020 Safety News

This week’s news is for my friends and colleagues who are job hunting. Here’s the links I mentioned in the news today:

Red Wing’s #LaborDayOn

My Safety Consultant’s Toolkit

Yellowbird, use code SJL 2020 if you’re a company looking for safety pros. Mention Safety Justice League if you’re signing on as a “pro” – make sure to listen to the Safety Justice League interview with Yellowbird CEO Michael Zalle posted a couple of months ago!

Bonus content:

Networking for Introverts – Originally appeared in the ASSP’s PSJ, by Dr. Jaime Ingalls

Building an Organic Network a.k.a. Networking when you don’t “need” it, written by me, originally posted in the ASSP’s PSJ

Safety Justice League podcast news:

Last week’s episode with Subena Colligan was just the amount of zen I needed during a week away from the Safety News!

This week’s episode is our interview with Barbie the Welder!! It drops on Friday, not for sensitive ears, like for real – a LOT of f bombs as we spoke with Barbie while she was in her workshop.

Find these episodes and more on your favorite podcast listening service. I like Spotify, but maybe you like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio, or something else! You can also stream direct at our website,

News Music:

“Dream Catcher” Kevin MacLeod (
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