COVID state (plan) state of mind

I’d be remiss if I didn’t dedicate this week’s Safety News with Abby Ferri to Cal/OSHA! Since my safety career began in SoCal, I keep tabs on what’s going on with Cal/OSHA always, and this spring, summer and fall have been no exception. Sure, other states enacted temporary emergency language, but none will go down as being as inclusive and sweeping as Cal/OSHA’s.

Virginia was the first state to adopt workplace-specific COVID standard. Other states with workplace-specific COVID protections for workers include:







New Jersey

New York



Rhode Island


Cal/OSHA goes further in how prescriptive their standard language is, and the fact that Cal/OSHA has the capability to mobilize compliance officers to enforce the language. Keep tabs on Cal/OSHA through the Cal/OSHA Reporter, it’s what I’ve used for years, and make sure to subscribe to any state-specific content provided by your insurance broker and carrier partners – their risk control professionals are working to stay on top of the changing info!

Read the Cal/OSHA one-pager on the temporary emergency standard here, and click on the link provided for a template program. This is required reading for any safety pro, regardless of where your organization’s operations are.

If you have operations in CA, be sure to read the full text of the standard here.

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