Facebook, Feminism and the Mommy Wars

I can't even remember the tweet that triggered this thought, but it's something that's been swirling around social media for a while. Facebook, feminism, and social media's role in the Mommy Wars. My quick thoughts...1. FACEBOOK.No, I'm not on social media ALL day. Though, I've been accused of this. Sure, my social media windows are... Continue Reading →


Boxing Day memories

I googled "Boxing Day" last night, just to make sure I knew exactly what it was for today. That act triggered a childhood memory. If you're an 80s child, you may have a similar memory. Remember how we used to look things up in encyclopedias? Maybe your parents had a set at home, they were... Continue Reading →

Hashtag Throwback Thursday

I realize it's after midnight PST, but I never "do" Throwback Thursday, so please indulge me. Unlike a typical Throwback Thursday social media post, I do not have a picture for this day. The day is so clear to me that I will never forget it. I had crepes at IHOP, convinced my husband it was... Continue Reading →

Achievement: Unlocked!

Thank you Pinterest, again. A Pinner I follow repinned a post from a blogger called "10 ways to declutter your day." I'm always a sucker for decluttering and was feeling stuck in a time management black hole. Tip #1 at that link changed my mindset and approach to work-at-home life. The tip involves charging your... Continue Reading →

Always Aspiring

They say to fake it til you make it. The tagline on this blog and my Twitter profile is "aspiring renaissance woman." I was just informed last night by a reliable source that I truly am a renaissance woman, so I may need to drop the "aspiring" part. I'll keep it for now, because it's not... Continue Reading →

obligatory Breaking Bad post

Since we "cut the cord" on cable, we watch our favorite show, Breaking Bad, a day late. It's a small sacrifice to wait the 24 hours and limit our social media use to avoid spoilers. Which reminds me, if you haven't caught up on BB, here's your SPOILER ALERT...   OK. I have to admit, on some... Continue Reading →

Carrying that baby weight

Be a hippie and wear your baby. The carrier hides any baby weight you think you're carrying around. This leaves your radiant new mom face, buff arms and legs, and of course everyone is looking at the baby anyway, so relax. Since I'm a safety girl, I recommend the Ergo Baby carrier since it allows... Continue Reading →

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