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April 6, 2020 Safety News

This week’s news is a day late, but it allowed me to see the Monday morning headlines. It’s not “just” COVID-19, but there is still a LOT of COVID-19 topics to discuss. Make sure to layer it on with your other safety messaging with your workers this week.

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March 29, 2020 Safety News

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COVID-19 Updates

With respiratory protection becoming increasingly difficult to source, and healthcare providers being told to reuse or clean their N95s, there are options to get over the hump. The FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations (EAUs) for cleaning procedures and the use of non-NIOSH approved respiratory protection. The cleaning procedures are through the use of the Battelle Decontamination System that employs vaporized hydrogen peroxide to clean N95 masks for reuse.

Healthcare facilities are to collect contaminated N95 masks for shipment to Battelle. There is a chain of custody procedure to follow, detailed here, and the masks are to be disposed after 20 decontamination cycles. Instructions geared towards healthcare providers can be found here, it is important to note that masks with visible contamination (i.e.: makeup, blood, or bodily fluids) cannot be decontaminated by the Battelle process and will be disposed of.

As N95 stashes are donated to healthcare facilities, it leaves construction workers and other industrial personnel left with less options for their protection. PPE like respirators is always looked at as the last resort, but with OSHA regulations like Table 1 of the construction silica standard, PPE like respirators may be specified for tasks a worker usually conducts. Even so, the hierarchy of controls should be worked through to identify ways to protect workers in the interim while respiratory protection resources are diverted to healthcare facilities and the personnel most exposed to COVID-19.


Everything else…

  • For those in industries considered Critical Infrastructure, this does not mean all hands on deck! Consult your local, county, or state shelter in place orders and identify personnel that are critical to your onsite operations. Take into account that schools and child care facilities are closed in many areas, and working parents are taking on more responsibility for child care than usual.
  • Utilize administrative controls to minimize the amount of personnel are at a site, operation, office, and other specified areas at a given time. Consider adding more shifts, flexible hours, and other options to work with those who are immunocompromised and can’t be around potentially infected persons at this time, and again, for those working parents who are juggling a lot right now.
  • Ensure that workers have the training they need to do their jobs safely while keeping hygiene in mind. Workers may be tasked with new responsibilities based on what is considered critical to your operations. Many facilities may be changing their production to something that supports current needs, like distilleries making hand sanitizer, and industries shifting production of widgets to medical devices and PPE. Just because we are in emergency response mode does not mean the usual best practices for worker communication and training go out the window! Job Safety Analysis, pre-task planning, toolbox talks, tailgate meetings and other connections with the workers are more important than ever. You may need to conduct them differently to maintain at least 6′ of physical distance, but you MUST still communicate – use other pathways like postings, printed handouts, text messages, emails, and videos.
  • Take this time to review your emergency and disaster plans. We are living in interesting times where we can conduct a debrief after almost every working day. There’s news like this weekend’s FDA EUAs breaking frequently, as well as shelter in place and other orders changing to meet the demands to flatten the curve of the virus’s impact.
  • Take care of yourself. With schedules changing, responsibilities changing and expanding, make sure you’re well fed, hydrated, and rested to be able to take on the work day – wherever and whenever that is.

March 23, 2020 Safety News

This week’s safety news is for those in construction! Whether you’re an AGC member or not, check out their COVID-19 landing page with information geared towards construction sites, it is updated frequently.

Stay safe and healthy out there!

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March 15, 2020 Safety News

The news is still dominated by coronavirus, and today added the further complexity of schools being closed for weeks. Many parents are now facing weeks of teleworking for the first time with kids being at home. Today I share some strategies for approaching the uncertain weeks ahead.

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Parent resources (I’ll add more stuff as I learn about it and check it out):

Scholastic Learn at Home

Online Museum Exhibits

GoNoodle Games

Virtual Field Trips

A SUPER list of multiple resources

COVID-19 Camp

Educational shows on Netflix


March 8, 2020 Safety News

The Safety News with Abby Ferri is changing it up a bit! I will record weekly on Sunday in order to help you prepare for your Monday… Listen Sunday night, or on your commute on Monday, or anytime really – and be prepared for any meeting YOU may be leading in which you need to talk about safety.

I look forward to hear your feedback!

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Coronavirus communication for safety and risk professionals

After receiving multiple calls, texts, emails, and DMs, I sat down and wrote a white paper for you on Coronavirus. I hope it brings value to you and it helps you do your job 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!!

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click to download the Coronavirus white paper for safety & risk pros



Make your email work for you

I learned a very simple tip about email organization that has changed my life the past two weeks, listen to learn more…

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Voice Tech Update

Using voice technology has quickly become a habit for me and has improved my ergonomic setup for work, learn more in today’s message.

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WISE Administrator’s Message – February 2020

I’ve been under the weather this week, so this month’s WISE Administrator’s Message is in a podcast format… check it out!

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

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Super Monday – or is it?

The social media influencers tried to make #SuperMonday happen – you likely have people at your sites today that had a great time at a super bowl party, but now it’s time to work safely…

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Want to streamline your safety inspections? Check out the Safety Reports app, it’s what I use!