Hashtag Throwback Thursday

I realize it's after midnight PST, but I never "do" Throwback Thursday, so please indulge me.¬†Unlike a typical Throwback Thursday social media post, I do not have a picture for this day. The day is so clear to me that I will never forget it. I had crepes at IHOP, convinced my husband it was... Continue Reading →


Navigating the traditional baby registry – 10 things you may not need

As my now 8-month old daughter peacefully sleeps, with arms in touchdown pose, in her crib sidecarred to my bed, my mind started wandering back to a year ago when I was preparing my baby registry. I visited my Target and Babies R Us online registries daily, from my iPad and my laptop. Moving things... Continue Reading →

Good for you Royal Baby!

I'm barely clicking along with social media lately, I've got a lot of life going on. I've gathered that the Royal Baby is, OMG, "late," and is still inside Princess Kate. When asked, Camilla said she hopes the baby is out by the end of the week, apparently she has things to do. The Queen... Continue Reading →

before I forget

At the risk of appearing on STFUparentsblog.com for over-posting baby-related stuff on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook; I will be turning to my blog when I feel the need to use mommy-speak and reflect on baby stuff. I received bad news about a friend's pregnancy last week and another friend went into labor today. I'm really... Continue Reading →

Meditations over cat litter

As a new parent, I've found quiet time is hard to come by. Duh, understatement of the year, but we all need to learn our own lessons, don't we? There are two distinct places I get quiet time these days. This morning while cleaning the cat's litterbox I realized my brain was dreaming and planning.... Continue Reading →

One Stop Shop

As I'm dancing in my chair to the beat of the breast pump, I reflect on the fact that I have everything my baby needs to grow and thrive. This thought hits my brain several times a day, kind of a mantra, and I internally label it as cheesy, amazing, powerful, or weird. It depends... Continue Reading →


I can't believe that I haven't blogged since September 7, 2012. So much has happened since then (sorry, that's most cliche sentence you will ever see on this blog). I do have many ideas for future posts about my pregnancy, labor & delivery, and post-partum life. Life is good! "Post-partum" does not always have to... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Pause

I haven't written in a long time because the things I wanted to write about had to be kept secret for just a little longer. I still have some secrets, but those will come out in time. Not only did my husband, dog, cat and I move from Encinitas to Minneapolis, but there was someone... Continue Reading →

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