Swelter Safely


Working outdoors in the summertime can be awful. As a safety professional, I have utmost respect for those who work in the oppressive conditions that seem to get worse every year. OSHA’s QuickTakes email this afternoon reminds us to focus on water, rest, and shade as we head into the warmest months of the year. It also reminded me to share my top go-to resources for heat related illness prevention information!


OSHA’s Heat Stress page is informative, and their app is an essential for any safety pro’s mobile phone. Download it and encourage your field supervisors to do the same.


Another great resource for summer heat index alerts and severe weather notifications is Weatherbug. Look for this app on your iDevices and Android phones. It’s good to know when lightning is striking nearby and when a severe weather system suddenly shifts your way.


The Cal/OSHA Publications Page has some great posters for your safety bulletin board, no matter where you live/work.


Last but not least, safety products manufacturer, Ergodyne, has some fresh new white papers, posters, and info cards in their Tenacious University Library. In that library you’ll find heat stress resources and other leading edge info including dropped object prevention, tool tethering, and ANSI/ISEA 107 updates.


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