Safety and the IoT

Twice in the past two weeks “IoT” has come up in conversation related to safety. I’ll admit, the first time I had to look it up! Then I realized that I’m a huge fan of the IoT, I just didn’t know there was a term for it.

IoT is short for “internet of things.” In short, it includes physical items that are embedded with electronics, sensors, and software that are connected via network to exchange and gather data.

Basically, it’s the stuff that people are afraid of.

I have an Amazon Echo in my home. I ask questions of my phone’s built-in assistant. I plug in my car so it can receive software updates while I sleep. I am a burgeoning user of the IoT!

If you’re just starting your journey of learning more about IoT and going beyond inspection apps, let’s talk! I’m especially interested in how other safety professionals are using connected devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Safety + IoT.png

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